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We are pleased to inform you of the creation of the National Federation of Universities and Professional Institutions in Haiti (FNUIPH).

The federation aims to offer assistance and services to all universities, higher education institutions and professional associations working within the higher-education sector in Haiti, with the objective of promoting high-quality education.

All are welcome to become members of the federation. In doing so, the logos of these higher-education bodies will be placed on the FNUIPH website in order to promote their offering and to encourage applicants to register online through their websites.

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Video of the Organization

This video introduces FNUIPH Structure and Organization, the importance of assessing the inequality of educational opportunities, and the pressing social and economic obstacles that impede higher education in Haiti.

Research Blog

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Creating High-Quality Educational Opportunity in Haiti

FNUIPH not only embraces academic life in its entirety but also professional organizations and associations with the aim of promoting higher education and seeking the quality of educational opportunity. 

Education Services

To all those who wish to aid us; our endeavors include promoting higher education and services

International Hubs

Council of Caucuses, Regional and International Academic Councils and Administrative Body


Global Network of experts with important forums for presentations (symposia, conferences) and dissemination (publications).


The Center for Coordination of Research offers Presidents of the caucuses guidelines for organized research and information.


All Are Welcome to become members of the Federation.

In doing so, the logos of these higher education bodies will be placed on the FNUIPH website. Any affiliation to the Federation is subject to a set of criteria that must meet International standards. 

Our Focus


Our work focuses on leading higher education professionals, to globally address the current and future challenges that must be overcome, to meet the growing demand for career readiness. 

International Experts

We Need Scholars

Its purpose, as a not-for-profit organization, is to strengthen higher education and help associations, schools and learning communities in the education sector to benefit from  International experts.

Non-Profit Organization

The FNUIPH includes several hundred universities, higher education institutions, university associations and professional members. Affiliated members are those who fulfill all academic obligations of the digital era, operate competitively on a global scale and satisfy the other eligibility conditions, thereby benefiting from all the rights and privileges of the FNUIPH. 

Our goal is to share experiences and skills in the field of higher education.


Become a Member and Join a Caucus

The Campaign for FNUIPH is important to meet the growing need to engage global leadership capacity. To all those who wish to aid us; our endeavors include promoting higher education and services essential to our mission, and of course, universities, centers of higher education, teachers and students.Become a Member and Join a Caucus

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