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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does FNUIPH stand for?

National Federation of  Haitian Universities and  Professional Institutions

2. What is the Objective of the Federation?

To support and serve all universities, higher education institutions and professional associations in promoting excellence in the fulfillment of their objectives.

3. Who can join the Federation?

All universities, higher education centers, professional associations, teachers and students. They all have the basic right to join, subject to their fulfillment of the other eligibility criteria for affiliation.

4. What conditions must be met in order to become a member?

Fill out the Membership Application Form on the website and wait a few days for approval.

5. Can all applicants become members?

All universities, higher education institutions, professional associations such as Institutes, Congresses, etc. have the right to join, subject to the conditions set out in point.

6. Can a teacher can become a member?

Yes, if he/she teaches at a university or higher education center.

7. What advantages and benefits does the Federation offer its members?

What advantages and benefits does the Federation offer its members? Please see the “Admission,” “Our Services”

8. Who is in charge of processing applications?

The caucus branch assigned to processing applications is the only authority that examines membership applications.

Additional Questions

9. What other information is there besides that concerning the benefits?

Please see the “Portal” and “Information” sections and visit the other sections of the website.

10. Is there a membership fee to join the Federation?

Yes. Membership fees are annual and are to be paid in the form of donations, payable before the beginning of the fiscal year on September 30 at the latest.

11. What happens if the fee is not paid by the deadline?

Penalty charges will be added to the annual fee, up to an amount of 1/5 of the initial amount.

12. How do I pay the fee?

Payment can only be made online via the FNUIPH website in the “Online Payment” section.

13. In addition to the fee, what gifts in kind does the Federation need?

The Federation needs both goods and services such as hotel rooms, meals, air and ground transport, translation, printing, etc. Clear recognition will be given for all donations.

14. What are the ethical values of the Federation?

The FNUIPH is vigilant and ensures that all ethical values are respected by members and affiliates. It has a Code of Ethics and rules for inter-university and professional relations.

15. What is the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct?

The Code of Ethics is a platform that allows all members and affiliates to: (1) promote the universal values, (2) mentor students with quality citizen and professional training for their personal development, (3) impartially value the members of the academic, administrative and support staff, (4) enforce the rules of academic ethics between universities and professional associations, (5) enhance academic production while recognizing the enrichment of co-researchers’ work.

16.  Can I have an overview presentation of FNUIPH?

Yes. Please Click on the Link to see the Video Presentation