Function of a Caucus

The caucuses work independently with responsibility to respond  to specific and immediate concerns that align with the aims of the Federation.

They frame the discussion that underscores the importance of treating equality of educational opportunity as a global  concern and provide guidance in determining the  place of our endeavors  in modern society. A goal for the caucuses, which plays a prominent role in our  discourse, is to structure how to prepare individuals for productive employment. Education for the labor market has significant benefits for the any country, individual and society as a whole.

Caucus Responsibilities

  1. Higher education
    • Digitization
    • Online courses
    • Observations
    • Sector groups
  2.  Verification
    • Implementation of services
    • Evaluations
    • Incentives 
  1. Ethics and arbitration
    • Conflicts
  2. Miscellaneous services
    • Private sector
    • Public sector
  3. Evaluations
    • All sectors
  1. Center for Coordination of Research
    • Creation of alternatives
  1. Promotion
    • Radio, newspapers, TV, social networks
  1. Agendas
    • Forums
    • Conventions
    • Travel 

  2. International Relations
    • With other agencies
    • Scholarships
    • Symposia
    • Conferences
  1. University Relations
    • Accreditation
    • Partnership
    • Inter-university exchangesPublications

The FNUIPH is designed as a platform to support all higher-education universities and institutions in developing their global objectives.