Mission and Vision


Its mission is:

  1. To respond to the training issues so that each university, higher education institution and professional association flourishes.
  2. To increase the number of initiatives in all academic fields, as well as savoir-faire and interpersonal skills with a view to fostering free and responsible academic citizens.
  3. To equip all learning environments with scientific and multidisciplinary knowledge to help give meaning to the evolution and reality of the human network.


Its Objective is to:


  1. To promote higher education and quality research in Haiti.
  2. To support and enhance the teaching provided through its caucus of professionals from all fields across both Haiti and abroad, to ensure universal success in the face of continuous and unavoidable challenges.
  3. To closely standardize the links that universities have with each other and with associations through ethical and informed values capable of preserving achievements by means of the standardization of curricula and meetings, with forums for communication and exchanges.
  4. To develop training strategies to help teachers, students and professionals to master knowledge digitall
  5. To share experiences and skills in the field of higher education.
  6. To facilitate exchanges and work toward mobility.
  7. To concretize its achievements through its representative models capable of demonstrating their capacity for knowledge and intelligent reflections in support of sustainable development at all levels.