Board of Review

The Board of Review oversee the work of the Caucus to report to the Grand Chancellor for executive action.

Grand Chancellor

The office will have all the administrative work, including secretarial, bookkeeping, chaplain and a board of advisors. This is the executive branch that moves forward the actions of the President of the Council of the Caucuses with password access. 

President of the Council of the Caucuses

He/she coordinates all the operations of the caucuses and report to the Office of the Grand Chancellor. 

Council of Caucus

The Council of Caucuses, which submits the research and biannual recommendations to the Grand Chancellor.


The Chancellor receives the recommendations of the Council of Caucus of the FNUIPH for implementation.


The regional and International Academic Councils are made up of the Presidents of the Caucuses.

Executive Secretary

The Administrative Body of each caucus composed of a director of operations, an Executive Secretary, three (3) Chancellors and an administrative management team.

Our goal is to equip all learning environments with scientific and multidisciplinary knowledge.