Professional Competence



Twice (2 times) per year, the FNUIPH organizes conferences on topical subjects with the aim of promoting higher education and the consolidation of professional associations in Haiti. These conferences are held by special guests who specialize in a particular area of interest.

For more detailed information and to view the schedule of activities for these conferences, please continue to visit the conference website.  It will be possible to sign up to these conferences at least one (1) month before the cutoff date for the activity.


The FNUIPH promotes the following services:

  • Gaining access to international events, seminars and the workshops of the caucuses and competing for a place as a speaker
  • Adding publications in UNIVERSITATIS SALUTEM
  • Publishing articles on its website
  • Showing membership by displaying the FNUIPH logo
  • Advising on strategies for institutions, staff, governments and national agencies
  • Offering an international program of leadership training
  • Providing advice on the FNUIPH’s areas of expertise